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“Pink Shirt Day” is an anti-bullying campaign that started in Canada in 2007. Advocates wear a pink T-shirt on the day to send a message that they are against bullying. It’s so simple. Everyone, from kids to adults, can join in this movement, anytime you want, and anywhere you are.

This campaign provides the opportunity to discuss bullying issues. Bullying is not only problem for those affected, all of us should see bullying as a problem of our society. We should talk much more about the definition of bullying, an on-looker, and indifference, etc.

This movement is not limited to Canada, it has become a worldwide movement in a short time. There were advocates from approximately 75 countries in 2012, according to Canadian organization’s official website.

In Asian area society, including Japan/Korea/China, the problems of bullying and harassment can be found anywhere as well. Thus, we hope to spread the Pink Shirt Day campaign to Asia. In order to do this, we have established a “PinkShirtDay.ASIA”. We hope this website will be helpful in your efforts in promoting this campaign in ASIA.

Our PinkShirtDay.ASIA includes a local staff member who lives in Japan/Korea/China, you can keep in touch with us in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English. We hope to facilitate more positive working environments free of bullying and harassment in another countries through this campaign.

The PinkShirtDay.ASIA will operate for the purpose of spreading the Pink Shirt Day campaign, in Asia. We would like more people to take an interest in this modern bullying problem. We hope that the spread of this campaign will lead to eradication of bullying in the near future and that our society will be kind and considerate to one another.  Though this campaign alone cannot solely solve the issue of bullying, we will work with other programs towards this effort.

I look forward to see a lot of friends who advocates this campaign and spread it across Asia with us.

Best regards,

Kyoko Takanashi